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We have a diverse client base and are able to offer a wide range of services to clients in the UK, and offshore who have interests remaining in the UK. We have provided pension and planning advice to many UK based clients who plan to emigrate. This can be on a one-off or an on-going basis.

We seek to establish a strong working relationship that gives our clients peace of mind. We provide holistic financial planning to protect and grow your wealth.

Our initial meeting is free.

Our initial meeting is free.

This meeting isn’t designed to give you specific advice about your situation. We understand that you have come to a financial adviser in order to improve your personal wealth and to plan for the future.

This is a chance to get to know us, to see how we work, to get a sense of whether you feel comfortable with us and for us to explain our services and how we charge for the provision of initial advice and for ongoing services.

You can choose different ways of paying for different services.

You can choose different ways of paying for different services.

For example, paying an hourly rate for advice about inheritance tax, or a percentage for advice about your investments. Based on our discussion of the scope and complexity of work, we will aim to tell you how much the service you need will cost, or at least give you an estimate.

Complex advice would include retirement benefits, inheritance/estate planning and long term care provision. This type of work requires more specialised knowledge and complex research involved takes more time.

Investment advice, is for people who wish to have some assistance in selecting items to make up their investment portfolio. This advice can be purchased as a single stand-alone unit, or can be coupled with an ongoing monitoring and review service.

Key Staff Members

Andrew Davis

After joining Beacon Private Trust 35 years ago, Andrew is still very much leader of the team pushing for growth and development. With years of tax experience (Andrew is a qualified accountant in public practice ), he guides the team on all aspects of tax and financial planning for individuals and their businesses.

For Andrew, the most enjoyable part of his work for clients is helping people solve their problems, and two transactions can appear similar, they can have hugely different tax consequences. Andrew excels in not only paying attention to the details to ensure he gives the right advice but that the essential to that process and something he enjoys immensely is working with a client: to understand what they want to achieve. The client, is always what is the most interesting, and some clients value the opportunity to have an impartial sounding board when considering a significant financial transaction - sometimes acting as a financial coach - or occasionally as a counsellor.

If you are looking for a more integrated approach to tax and financial planning, then we can help.

Andrew is very much technically proficient and has set up a secure client portal service, and this allows the client to record and save information at the time. It also provides the groundwork for Cash flow planning taking this to a level to assist in making life-changing decisions.

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